Who are TheCookieCutters ?

TheCookieCutters are a combination of 2 Brand Consultants that have come together to work on Dheensay & Sons Sdn. Bhd. We believe in nothing of the cliche of what is deemed by Generation X and Y, as the Norm of what presentation is all about

Breaking Away from the Norm

We believe in doing things differently and by constantly pushing ourselves to reach new heights. This sets us a part from other brand consultants by ripping apart the tradions of text book style branding and consultation to any approach. Banquet & Conference Furniture now being unique and one of them. We are ever moving forward and glad Dheensay has been on board with us by sharing the same visions we carry

Why the name TheCookieCutters ?

As our name suggests, and our aim is, we TheCookieCutters believe in things that are unpretentious. Long gone are the generation of suit, slacks and ties, large volumes of unneccessary bombardment of thick catalogues with information overload that never is read. We dont share the same vision of any cookie cutter company. Our selection is exclusive to only very special clients looking forward to make a change in appearance and presentation. We only serve companies that have only remained true as an identity from the start. We harness and churn out your unpretentious culture into something true and genuine

Do you have a face ?

Yes we do. But our image above comes from our love of mocking "designers". As mentioned, the "Cookie Cutter" person belongs to ideas that are bound, manufactured and pre-fixed. We are TheCookieCutters


TheCookieCutters - Cutting the cookie cutter out of you




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